Peer Review Process

All the submitted manuscripts, which are in the scope of the journal, undergo the following steps of processing:

-  The first screening is performed by the editorial board of the journal in the monthly meetings. The manuscripts which are not related to the scope of the journal, which do not have shown any innovation or scientific contribution, and/or which are not scientifically acceptable are rejected by the editorial board of Journal of Petroleum Science and Technology(JPST). The papers accepted by the editorial board are then sent to reviewers for a blind review process.

-  Upon sending the manuscript to reviewers, the status of the manuscript is changed to the “Under Review” in the manuscript management system. The manuscript is labeled “Rejected” and the system sends the author a letter of rejection if the manuscript is rejected by the editorial board. The review process is usually carried out by three reviewers and takes four to ten weeks.

- In case of the rejection of the papers by reviewers, a letter of rejection is sent to the authors. Otherwise, reviewers’ comments are sent to the authors and the status of the paper is accordingly changed in the manuscript management system. The manuscripts usually need major/minor revisions at this stage and they are rarely accepted for final publications without any revisions. The authors are required to response to the reviewers’ comments in one month. Having been revised by the authors, the manuscripts are again sent to one of the reviewers for a comparative and final review. The comparative review process should take at most one month.

-  In case of not receiving reviewers’ comment, the manuscript is sent to another set of reviewers.

- In case of the final acceptance of the manuscript, a letter of acceptance is sent to the author and the manuscript status is changed to “Proof Ready” in the manuscript management system on the journal website.

-  Next, the manuscript is sent to the journal professional editing team for revising its language and layout.

-  The manuscript is then proofread by the editor in chief and associate editors and finalized for the publication.

-  Finally, after the publication of the manuscript, some copies of the print version of the manuscript are sent to all the authors.