Effect of Bifunctional Pt-Containing Al2O3-FeY Nanocatalysts on Ethylbenzene Transformation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 lran polymer and petrochemical institute

2 iran polymer and petrochemical institute



Transformation of ethylbenzene (EB) was conducted over nanozeolite Y with the Si/Al ratio of 5. Fe ion exchange was carried out to modify the acidity of zeolites. The influence of platinum was investigated by introduction of Pt-Al2O3. XRD, SEM, ICP, BET, FTIR, 27Al MAS NMR, NH3-TPD, and TG tests applied for characterization of physicochemical properties of prepared nanocatalysts. Addition of iron to the nanocatalyst structure resulted in an increase in the strong acid sites and a decrease in the weak acid sites, which reducetion in weak acidity led to lower rate of coke formation and higher stability of FeY nanocatalysts. The addition of platinum-Al2O3 to the FeY nanocatalysts illustrated higher EB conversion and the same catalyst stability as FeY nanocatalysts. Nanozeolite Pt/Fe-Y composed of 0.1 wt.% platinum and 1.0 wt.% iron obtained to be effective catalyst for EB transformation reaction which indicated adequate degree of EB conversion (61%) as well as high EB isomerizaation (77.2 %).