Utilization of Turbo-Expander to Generate Power in Natural Gas Extraction Process

Document Type : Research Paper


South Zagros Oil and Gas Production company, Shiraz, Iran



Natural gas is one of the most reliable and general energy sources in the world that its reservoirs always have high pressures. Today, due to the production and supply of a variety of turbine expansions, it is possible to generate power from the process of natural gas extraction. In this research, it has been tried to evaluate the possibility and advantage of using turbo-expander in gas extraction process considering the operational conditions of natural gas extraction and exploitation data. Based on the results of this study, from each gas well, 0.26-1.1 MW of power can be generated by the pressure drop in the turbo-expander for the flow range of 0.5-2.0 million STD_m3/d. The power generation capacity due to natural gas conditions may be associated with the production of gas condensates, which has also been studied in this research.