Influence of folding on hydrocarbon generation: an example from the Dezful Embayment

Document Type: Research Paper




Basin modelling is used to investigate the oil generation and migration. Most oil generation modelling has been done on the wells at anticline crests. In the present study an effort has been made to evaluate oil generation in a syncline.
One dimensional basin modelling was used to evaluate source rocks maturity, the history of oil generation and expulsion in north Pazanan syncline and Pazanan, Agha Jari and Bangestan anticlines in south Dezful Embayment in the Zagros Basin.
The oil generation history of source rocks was obtained by using basin modelling method. Burial history analysis shows increases in the rate of burial after the Zagros folding; it was contemporaneous with huge sedimentation. The rates of burial are more noticeable in synclines. It plays an important role in source rocks oil generation.
The maturity of the Kazhdumi, Garau and Sargelu source rocks in the Pazanan syncline have reached gas-maturity stage. Trapped gas in the Pazanan field could be sourced from the syncline.